Hi, We're Blockchainsure.

At Blockchainsure, we're building protocols that strategically de-risk the world's most pressing challenges.

What We Believe

For the world to change, we need innovation. But innovation involves risk, and the cost of risk is often prohibitively high. In the same regard, we can advance innovation, perhaps exponentially, by strategically nullifying key risks.
Strategic risk nullification can remove roadblocks impeding effective policy, productive experimentation, and the adoption of new technologies. Thus, we believe the thoughtful implementation of effective risk solutions can improve the lives of billions of people.
At Blockchainsure, we're 100% focused on building and implementing these risk solutions.

Our Advantage

Blockchains are not simply new technology. Instead, they also involve communities of people and economic systems — often in new, unexpected ways. Because of this, blockchains excel at solving problems we couldn't easily solve before. (We think a lot of Web3 projects fail because they try to solve problems blockchains can't solve.)
Our approach is mindful of blockchain ecosystems and, most especially, economic paradoxes in these systems. Because we generate our own research and data, our competitive advantage is naturally deep and wide, allowing us to open source much of our work.

Experience and Perspective

Ever since the Ethereum whitepaper introduced the possibility of blockchain-based parametric insurance, web3 projects have attempted to use smart contracts to automate and replace traditional insurance. This approach does not seem to work. Specifically, these contract structures invariably introduce significant cost inefficiencies as well as new and dangerous risks; in other words, they achieve the exact opposite of their intended outcomes.
We believe there is a better way. A genuinely revolutionary approach that drives down user costs, increases efficacy, and eliminates key risks. Our mission is to build a universal de-risking engine, empowering user communities to drive massive change in the world by helping them nullify the risks that hold them back.
We hope you'll join us.
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