Shaping the Future of Finance

Blockchainsure's mission is to ensure next-generation monetary systems benefit all of humanity.
Global economic progress is faltering. The uncertainty caused by advanced artificial intelligence, violent conflict, political sectarianism, pandemics, and increasing climate volatility has left millions disillusioned, triggering widespread social tension and worsening global inequality.
What We Believe
Ensuring our continued way of life in the face of so many critical threats demands the deployment of astronomical amounts of money. The funding hurdle is so high that it's now necessary to find moonshot financing solutions, especially given the limitations in both the availability and willingness to deploy such massive sums. In this context, complementary monetary systems are a promising mechanism to unlock deep pools of latent value that can satisfy humanity's critical (and inevitable) financial needs.
Across modern history, cash-poor communities have leveraged alternative local currencies – also known as complementary currencies – to stimulate economic growth. These currencies, which can be used for local trade, have proven effective within their respective communities; however, the scalability of complementary currencies has traditionally been limited by user concerns around counterfeiting and trust.
Today, blockchains have ushered in a new era of financial innovation, allowing us, for the first time, to deploy complementary monetary systems at scale. The distributed ledger architecture of blockchains solves the limitations of traditional complementary currencies through a transparent consensus protocol, making digital transactions tamperproof and "trustless" – thus eliminating past concerns around counterfeiting and user trust. In addition, smart contracts, which enable automatic execution of transactions, can provide a new level of flexibility and programmability to currencies. This level of innovation and scalability makes blockchain-based complementary currencies a consequential and potent financial tool for the future of humanity.
Blockchainsure will attempt to build technologies for provably sustainable and fairer monetary systems.
We believe careful research and the strategic deployment of complementary monetary systems can solve long-standing inequities affecting billions of people. But new frontiers require new ways of thinking. Blockchainsure was founded as a new type of startup: an interdisciplinary exploration organization, combining high-impact research with precise technological deployments, to re-organize monetary systems in ways that are disproportionately beneficial to the world, while being provably sustainable and fairer for all.
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