Shaping the Future of Finance

Blockchainsure's mission is to ensure next-generation monetary systems benefit all of humanity.
Money. We all want it. We work for it, we wish for it, and we live and die for it. But despite our best efforts, there's never enough.
We want to change that.
Blockchainsure is a monetary research and innovation company. We believe current national and international monetary systems are unsustainably inefficient, and solving these inefficiencies can improve the lives of billions of people.
Blockchainsure will attempt to build technologies for safer, fairer monetary systems.
Our work is careful and methodical. We don't "move fast and break things." (We don't ever want money to "break.") Instead, we focus on combining rigorous fundamental research with rapid cycle times for low-risk exploratory projects which, combined, build towards well-studied, well-tested releases. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
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