Shaping the Future of Finance

Blockchainsure's mission is to ensure next-generation monetary systems benefit all of humanity.
Blockchains have ushered in a new era of financial innovation, and global monetary systems are facing an inflection point.
The reimagination of these financial systems can solve long-standing inequities affecting billions of people – but only if we are thoughtful and precise about technology implementation and sustainability.
Innovation should not perpetuate existing problems. We believe in transparent, measureable impact and results.
Blockchainsure will attempt to build technologies for safer, fairer monetary systems.

Our Research

Blockchains are not simply new technology. Instead, they also involve communities of people and economic systems — often in novel, unexpected ways. Because of this, blockchains excel at solving problems we couldn't easily solve before.
Our approach is mindful of blockchain ecosystems and, most especially, economic paradoxes within these systems. Blockchainsure conducts fundamental economics research with a focus on blockchain ecosystems.
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