Project SUPRA

GOAL: A multilateral framework for blockchain-based supercurrencies.
Project SUPRA is a deep-tech research project investigating the viability of hybrid frameworks for managing value-stable digital currencies.
While developing insurance contracts on public blockchains, we realized the underlying infrastructure of common digital assets would fail over time. For instance, if you price contracts in Bitcoin or Ether, the price volatility in any calendar year introduces too much risk. Similarly, if you price contracts in stablecoins, the stablecoin issuer can introduce catastrophic risks where there previously were none. The underlying challenge is that the world does not have a politically-neutral, value-stable, international digital currency that is safe to use in the long term. Such a currency could be used to power these types of insurance contracts and much more. Consequently, we are deeply interested in figuring out what such a theorized currency might realistically look like and how it can be managed transparently and without political interference.